Khoshgovar has a well-established, growing business of distribution and imports in Pakistan since 2007. Currently we are dealing with a diversified range of products. Our distribution business is organized in five areas namely Cereals, Dairy, Food & Snacks and Lubricants. We are operating our business from Lahore which is a second largest city of Pakistan with population over 10 million. We also operate outside Lahore through our network of 40+ distributors and satellite sales teams.

Khoshgovar has a purpose built distribution facility of over 15,000 square feet, in the heart of Lahore city to ensure efficient and cost effective supply chain, along with warehouses and sales teams in Multan.We operate with the best practices in the relevant fields of marketing, sales & distribution to support the business and I have a personal experience of 20 years in sales. The CEO Mr. Mansoor Tareen has worked as a sales head of Pepsi bottler in Pakistan, Coca-Cola beverages Pakistan, Reckitt Benckiser as head of sales operations Pakistan and sales Manager Coca-Cola Iran, before establishing Khoshgavar in 2007.